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Being healthy is not the absence of diseases or infirmities, it’s a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. A healthy lifestyle helps people to improve and maintain their health and well-being; they are steps, actions and strategies you put in place to achieve optimum health; it’s all about taking responsibility and making smart health choices. All aspects of one’s self work in harmony to achieve wellness, thus, balanced energy is required in each aspect of yourself. Maintaining balance in life is one of the biggest challenges we may face with our health. We have a lot going on everyday; demands from our careers, family pressures etc, which could be overwhelming that we forget to care about ourselves, neglecting the very thing that would make our lives easier and better. However, we ought to take responsibility and make healthy choices, not just for today’s well-being but for the future also. The choices we make today, inadvertently, would influence our lifespan.


Eating right, physical fitness, preventive health care practices, including emotional and spiritual wellness, are part of maintaining healthy lifestyle. All aspects of our being have to work in harmony for optimum health to be achieved hence, the need to not neglect each aspect of yourself. A problem in one part would probably affect the whole. Your physical self or body requires balanced nutrition, adequate rest, normal weight and beneficial exercise. Your emotional self or mind requires positive thoughts and self image, self-supportive attitudes, giving and receiving love, compassion and forgiveness, good relationships with yourself and others, being happy and having a laugh. Your spiritual self or soul requires inner peace, openness to your creativity, self-trust, meditation, and perharps, a spiritual relationship with a higher being that you worship or pray to.


“Health Insights” is therefore, aimed at health education which would enable one make healthy decisions for their lives.